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What is 'Single Estate Oil'

'Single Estate Oil' is oil that is produced solely from our own estate olives and no other olives are purchased from other farms, so we thus have full accountability and quality control from beginning to end.

The flavour of the oil will vary slightly from year to year, fully reflecting the season of that year i.e. Rainfall, Sunshine, Soil Conditions and Crop quantity. We are thus limited in production and totally controlled by Mother Nature.

Our oils were recently sampled by a famous Food Writer, who has just published a book describing 150 Olive Oils from around the World, her comments were as follows:-


AROMA: Pleasant lightly spice, nuts and almond cake aromas predominate. There are also some fresh citrus fruit tones, Lemon and a hint of Orange and a whiff of light Apple and Greenery.

TASTE: Sweet nuts with some light bitterness intensifying with the rise of a light to medium pepper-ness. These characteristics fade to leave a sweetly nutty after taste with almonds, light hazelnuts and cake.

STYLE: Sweet style with a light bitterness and some pepper.


This is a pleasant all purpose oil which will appeal to those who do not like too aggressive an oil. It would be a very useful oil for most culinary applications and great for baking and making mayonnaise.


AROMA: Pleasant aroma of green and spicy apples with nuts and a touch of citrus fruits.

TASTE: Nutty with light woody tones, dry herbs and liquorice. This is followed by a touch of bitter almonds and gentle pepper which fade to an attractive after-taste of dark chocolate and sweet hazel nuts.

STYLE: Sweet style with a light bitterness and a touch of pepper.


This is an attractive oil with light but complex aromas and flavour. It would work well in most culinary applications, but particularly with fish dishes, light salads and green vegetables.


AROMA: Softly sweet aroma of apples with plenty of nuts and a touch of mixed citrus fruits.

TASTE: Light and sweet nutty flavours with just a hint of warm tropical fruits. There is a light almond skin bitterness, which mingles with the equally light pepper, and then fades to leave a light almond and hazelnut after taste.

STYLE: Sweet style with a light bitterness and some pepper.


This is a sweet all purpose oil; it would be fine in cooking where distinctiveness would be a disadvantage.


AROMA: Attractive, quite complex aroma of spicy herbs, grass, apple and nuts. There is also a hint of lemon zest.

TASTE: Herbaceous flavours with dried grasses with some nuts and lemons. Bitter rocket, sorrel and some watercress flavours grow with the well-balanced bitterness and pepper. The pepper lingers into the nutty after-taste with some sorrel and other herbs.

STYLE: Sweet to medium style with well balanced bitterness and pepper.


This is good oil with some character, there are both nutty and herbaceous tones in the aromas and flavours. It would be suitable for all culinary purposes including dips and those dishes where a more prominent flavour of olive oil is required.